Alzheimer's and Dementias

How to care for a loved one living alone with Alzheimer's.
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Terry Townsend and his two sisters were able to keep their elderly mother living safely in her own home alone for over six years after she was diagnoised with Alzheimers. As soon as her safety became an issue, she was moved into an assisted living facility where she seemed to feel at home. Terry's book explains how they accomplished this and how others can do the same for their loved one.

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                 "Living Alone With Dementia~Alzheimer's"

 (How to Keep Your Loved One in Their Home as Long as Possible)

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    Alzheimer's is a form of Dementia, which is a disease that primarily affects the health

    of the elderly by attacking the brain cells. It is a mind degenerative disease causing mental

    health issues that require special healthcare. This type of care could include day care,

    home care, senior housing, assisted living facilities, a nursing home and eventually even hospital care.

    Living alone is hard enough for most people but even harder for the elderly, but when they

    have a form of Dementia such as Alzheimer's, it can be devastating without proper

    assistance. You need to understand that there is help and care available to you in many

    different forms.

    Just a Few of the Topics this Book Addresses.
    • Getting an early and accurate diagnoises
    • Steps to slow the degenerative process
    • Learning the first signs of Alzheimer's
    • Getting them into a clinical study
    • Helping them hold on to their dignity
    • Creating a good support system
    • Dealing with the memory loss
    • Losing things becomes a problem
    • They will become disoriented
    • Helping them to make the wright choices
    • Forcing changes that need to be made
    • When they can no longer feed themselves
    • Getting the vehicle away from them
    • Getting the check book away from them
    • Stopping their financial decision making
    • They can no longer use their credit cards
    • Taking away their cooking prevlidges
    • Taking away their use of electrical appliances
    • When they no longer recognize you
    • When they say or do hurtful things
    • Making their house as safe as possible
    • The importance of electronic monitoring devices
    • The time for in-home healthcare
    • Taking them from home to a care facility
    • Know in your heart you did your best for them
    • This book covers these topics and much more

    Alzheimer's and other forms of Dementias are striking more and more families through out our country daily. If you haven't been directly affected by having a loved one with Alzheimer's, it is almost certain that you have friends or acquaintenances who have.

    Considering the rate at which Alzheimer's is growing in this country by affecting at least half of everyone over 85, and many earlier than that, your odds of being directly affected by the disease in the days, months, or years to come is very high.

    It is so crucial to catch the disease as quickly as possible and get an early diagnoises and start taking steps to slow its progression down.

    You must do everything you can to keep these loved ones in their home as long as possible and out of some type of care facility. Once they are forced to leave their home their state of confusion rises and the mind degenerative process seems to progress more rapidly.

    This is crucial and this new book "Living Alone With Dementia-Alzheimer's" (How to Keep Your Loved One in Their Home as Long as Possible) will truely enlighten you as to how to overcome the inevitable hurdles you will surely face with the disease. This book deals with the day by day struggles a caregiver of someone with Alzheimer's will face and help them through the process.

    Living Alone With
    (How to Keep Your Loved One
    in Their Home as Long as Possible)

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